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Friday, February 22, 2013

I was thinking about you!

Yesterday I went on sales calls with my rep. Yes, even paint companies (at least this one) do outside selling, especially since about 65% of my business is commercial. We traveled to one of our best customers first and we talked up all the "new" products. We also told them about our up coming bucket sale, and our heavier duty products. It was absolutely great and they gave me a bunch of requests to look into for them. 

Next, we decided to do a cold call with a challenging customer. We seem to be up one year and down the next with them. Well, we have a new product to show him so we decided we had nothing to lose. We made the pitch to demonstrate the machine when the snow is gone (hopefully real soon) and once again explained the benefits and advantages of the machine and our products. Half expecting rejection I was shocked to hear "we have money in the budget" and " yes I would love to have a demonstration!" Wow! That was awesome!

Then we saved the toughest one for last. I have been trying to sell to this customer for over 20 years! Yes over 20 years! We tried to think about what we would discuss with this customer, again we were really expecting the same routine that I have received year after year. Well he was off to lunch and there is one cardinal rule for a sales person, "never disturb anyone while they are eating!" We decided to go out to eat and then made the trip back. Again, we were really expecting the "thanks, but no thanks" routine. I even thought that he might just say, "I'm too busy, or I don't have time today!"

We walked in, asked to have him paged and were told that he would be down in few minutes to meet with us. So far so good. After the greetings he said "I was thinking about you..." and we got into a great discussions on how they had a need for a special product that we have, and how much his maintenance guy (who I knew personally) loved our products. Before we knew it we had an appointment for next Thursday to start matching colors and begin the conversion over to our products. He had one concern, and I answered that one quickly..." we deliver in this town three days per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for free!  We confirmed everything we discussed and then left. 

My rep and I both walked out thinking..."How did that all come about!" Needless to say we were both very excited over the good news!

Last night in prayer time as I reviewed my day I couldn't help but think how the Lord taught me something. He told Peter to lower the nets one more time and to trust in him. Yesterday despite all the past history we had with this customer,  we were given an opening. Persistence, patience, integrity, hmmmm, all the same requirements to be a good disciple and Deacon. It is often too easy to give up even though most would have called it quits long ago. I remember telling the rep that no matter what has happened in the past, we need to still move forward and keep trying. 

I am still discerning my vocations in life and must remember that there will be tough times, where I will face rejection, yet through God's grace I need to stand firm, be patient, be persistent, and always maintain the ideals I have learned in my faith!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


PS Stations of the Cross tonight, I wonder what will be revealed tonight?


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