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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Only a heartbeat away!

We have a new Pope and he would probably say that the presence of Christ is always within our midst. In my store this week I had two gentlemen come in who are very regular customers. They are brothers who are definitely full of life. The more outspoken one always calls me reverend ( his name for me ) and then he belted out " I love this Pope, I love his style. I love his humility and his simple nature!" This man is Catholic but hasn't practiced for years. Obviously the Spirit touched his heart and brought back memories of a Church he once knew! I let him go on and then I said to him, "you know there are many like you that are really only a heartbeat away from coming back!" He looked a little reluctant but never said no! The seed was planted!

My Mom who is 86 is so moved by his presence, and again Pope Francis would say that it is Christ who is truly present. Every time I visit her she is very anxious to share something new about him, and also share how much my sister talks about him. My sister hasn't practiced in years and is touched by what she is witnessing, she seems to be only a heartbeat away!

This morning I attended the 9 am Mass and I'm putting all of my effort into celebrating the Liturgy. In one of my books that I am reading I came across something that has changed me...."Celebrate this Mass like it was your first, like it was your last, and like it will be the only one!" I was scheduled as an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist and then it happened to me. I met a woman who came to receive. I had never seen this woman before in my life and then I looked into her eyes and saw the love of Christ. I couldn't help but light up myself. I really believe that Christ's Church in Berlin is in a state of renewal where he is calling many to come, and they are slowly making their way back!

In today's readings we hear how the Lord put water in the desert, and rivers in the wasteland. These are definitely two things that on a human level are extremely impossible and rather ridiculous to even imagine. Let us imagine if we, each and every one of us shared our love of Christ to those we meet each and every day what could happen in this world. I pray that through the grace of Christ each and every one of us plants that seed and allows God to put water in the deserts, and rivers in each and every wasteland. 

There are many more souls that are only a heartbeat away!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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