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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Good Friday & Back to School

This past weekend the topic of our Homiletics workshop was on the Passion of Jesus from the Gospel of John. The workshop wasn't so much of putting together a finished product, rather it was to open our eyes as to how many sources were available to us. Some of them were at my fingertips and I didn't take advantage of. After thinking for a while I also thought of a few other sources that I could use that I had at home. 

We also gathered in small groups and there was a great feeling from the sharing that was going on. We gathered a couple of times in groups, made a presentation of what we discovered, and we also had a couple of alone times to reflect. The reflection time actually reinforced the thoughts, and inspirations I was receiving. In our groups we shared key words, love, personal relationships, commitment, and this continue to make me think how much there is of St. Peter in all of us, and how much more there should be. We also discussed moments of prayers and some key words came to us, openness, peace, silence, patience, chaos, personal time.

The best part of the weekend has to be the times we spend with one another. We have become very close and continue to do so. 

Monday evening was our first class for our final course, pastoral care and counseling. I heard someone say that this will be the gem of all our courses. If Monday night was any indication, they were spot on. 

While talking to the boys in Littleton they shared that they would be doing a reflection on Good Friday services. Well, not being one to be shy about things, I sent Fr. Kyle an email asking if he would consider allowing me to do so. Today, we spoke, I shared my thoughts and he was going to discuss this with Fr. Andrew. Either way, I'm okay. I know the opportunities will come again soon. 

Tomorrow evening I will be leading the Stations of the Cross. This will be my first time flying solo. Fr. Kyle asked that I get there early and he would set up the microphone for me and have all the other details taken care of. I'm really looking forward to this, as I'm itching to get started and do something to help out our priests and serve the parishioners. 

That's it! 

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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