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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ministry, what is it, where does it start, where does it happen?

Theology of Ministry is the first course that I am taking. We have only four students in our class and it provides very lively and thought provoking discussions. If you would have asked me several years ago what ministry is I would have probably told you it's something for our priests and religious, and possibly a few lay ministers out there.Ministry I thought was reserved for these individuals and we were there to help them when needed.  This class has helped me evolve to understand quite a bit more where ministry exists. I just wrote my third paper and it seems each and every paper I write I am learning more about me and my faith. I am not at the same place that I was when I began this journed almost a year ago. Fr. Dollard our pastor has asked Mike (Mike Johnson Berlin's other aspirant) to get involved by working with the altar servers, lectors, and Eucharistic ministers. Yeah, I would have always looked at that as ministry, helping our pastor in an area he has needs. Pretty easy stuff so far. I now look at ministry and see it everywhere, whether our faith community sees it or not. We have many young families working hard to take care of and raise their children. That is a vocation and they are definitely ministering to each other. We have adults who coach, work with Scouting, volunteer to help the less fortunate. We have High School students who do fundraising to help support the hungry, those who need winter clothes, etc. I guess you probably know where this is going. We have so many people out there helping and caring for others. Ok, so many of us do that because we love it. That's great, and yet maybe there are other needs not being met that are overlooked. We have a new group in Berlin that Mike Johnson is working on to deal with bereavement. My wife is on board and very excited to be a part of that group. This is one new group! What if we all found something that we can get passionate about in our local community and started a following of supporters. This week in the Union Leader I read and article where there was a call for the Faith Communities to join together to care for and support our soldiers. Imagine the need not only for the soldier away that could receive letters, and gifts, but also for the loved ones here at home. There is so much need in all our towns, in Berlin and Gorham we have a mill that just closed, and we have high unemployment. What can each and everyone do to support Christ's children in neeed. Find a need, gather some friends, take up the cause, minister to your neighbors. Pray a little more this week and ask to have our eyes open, and as my teacher recently quoted St. Benedit " Please God Open the ear of my heart!" Ministry is charity, and caring, it starts with me, and it can happen everywhere. God Bless all of you.

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  1. Hi Mitch,

    Fellow Aspirant Tom from Derry here and just a note to let you know I've been following the blog. I'm especially interested in your comments on the classes. I completed the classes for year 1 last year, so it is interesting to read your insight relative to my experience.

    See you Saturday at our first retreat.