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Friday, October 22, 2010

Our classes.......a time to Cultivate our faith!

Last night our group of four just ended our first class. We actually spent a couple of hours together to just relax, reflect, and again share information about where we are now in our journey. The group was so kind to think of my driving as we made plans to meet at St. Josephs in Lincoln. The difference from Lincoln to Plymouth is about half an hour. I got to save about an hour of driving yesterday. We all met at St. Joseph's at 5:30 and unfortunately all the doors were locked. Fr. John is gone to Israel, and probably the word didn't get out that we would be meeting there. Plan b came into place and we had a great evening at Fratello's in Lincoln. Yes, they do have one in Lincoln and it is great! They gave us a quiet table in the back corner by the fireplace. Last night was an opportunity to share our ideas, and how we have already changed by this experience. Sr. Monique Couture (my cousin, not really but we call each other that) really challenged us in many ways. I could see that she wanted us to really open up and she would gently persuade us to do that. She helped us cultivate our faith, by planting seeds (ideas) in us; unearthed new thoughts and feelings, and really helped bring us to a new place in our lives. A strong bond is being formed by this group and also our instructor, I see a passion and fire in all of us, but most of all the Spirit is moving us along at a comfortable pace. I learned by the prodding of Sr. Monique that my work place experience has been more fertile ground for my faith than I ever knew. Last night I shared phrases and philosophies that I have used for years in my business, that I thought only related to the business world.  I'll share one, "It's risk and reward time!" Bob Harrington was my first district manager with Sherwin-Williams and would often pass that phrase along. I used that quote in my last reflection paper. It means so much more to me now in my life than ever before. Our Mother Mary took the greatest risk of all. She said Yes, to God. Her life was immensely changed and she is our model of being risk takers. I will end with this, today please pray to God to give each and every one of us the courage to say yes, to take the risks and someday enjoy the rewards of faith.

God Bless you all, and I am looking forward to seeing all of my fellow aspirants and their wives this weekend for our first Retreat (gathering of brothers)!

*One last thing, we had snow this morning in Berlin!

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