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Monday, October 4, 2010

Relax.......Relax......Turn the radio off, & the radar on!

Well I'm on vacation again, yes the perks of working for a great company for over 25 years is 6 weeks vacation. I still have 2 more weeks to go to finish off the year. The last time I was on vacation I was in a writing frenzy. I'm not sure that will happen again but, we'll see.

I know all Aspirants (aspirins) agree that life is getting hectic and extremely busy. I'm learning to be better disciplined in my time with homework and everything else going on in my life. Interestingly enough I am probably slowing down a bit while moving along. Terry my wife and I spent lunch (dinner) together last friday at Tea Birds in berlin. A fellow knight Scott & Heather Gregory own the restaurant. Terry was very hungry and left it up to me to choose the place to go to. We got there at noon and it was almost 2 before we got home. Everything was great including the quiet time we had together. I called the time a decadent time because I put away my diet and enjoyed some indulgent food. I had a hot pastrami, a bowl of chili, and a pepsi. Low fat was thrown out and it was Great!  The food was incredible but what was really special was our time to talk, listen, and be together. A true blessing for the two of us. (By the way if you ever visit Berlin stop by and eat at Tea Birds and say Hi to Scott & Heather you'll love it!)

Saturday Terry, Kady, Rocky and I spent the day with our daughter Danielle in Dover. We walked the whole afternoon on central avenue enjoying the apple harvest festival. I was really impressed by everything about this event. There was an incredible amount of people and yet we were all together talking, listening, and sharing what was going on there and in our lives. It was truly a special day. We were blessed with great weather. As busy as we all are the time together was at a slower and more enjoyable pace. (By the way Kady and Rocky are our dogs!) The event was filled with vendors, informational booths, and all denominations were there for anyone in need. Great idea to bring back to Berlin.

Sunday was and is always special for me. First our virus infested computer was brought back early in the morning and moving along again. Then Terry,my Mom, Dad and I celebrated Eucharist at Holy Family in Gorham. I am still blest to have my Mom and Dad alive in their mid 80's. I love being with them and helping them as much as possible. After Eucharist my Mom loves to go out to eat, so we all went to eat at the Dairy Bar in Berlin (another must go place if you are ever in Berlin, The Roy's are great hosts and fellow parishoners) Busy as my life is I want to take the time to deal with what is important to me, my family. I know you all see a pattern that food plays a role, today we nourished the soul, the spirit, and the body.

Now to explain the title of this latest blog. I spent 1 1/2 years at St. Meinrad Seminary College in Indiana. I will never forget the Monk who taught me a philosophy class there. I can't remember his name but he reminded of the professor in Back to the future. He actually also resembled him tremendously. His manerisms, his style, and his passion. His favorite phrase to all of us was " Relax, Relax, turn the radio off, and the radar on!" Slow down turn off all the distractions around you, turn on your radar's and be aware of what is going on close to you. Today being the feast of St. Francis I was reminded of this little phrase and how he lived his life enjoying and respecting of all God's creation both St. Francis and the Monk.

So today and tomorrow turn on the radar, be aware, say a kind word, smile, pet a dog. Love a little more.
Thank you Dear Lord for all your blessings. Amen!

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