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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm writing for me!

Today Terry and I had a discussion on this blog and she commented to me how she felt that I have grown through this ministry. She noted that I have been finding the little things that are going on around me, and she as my best critic has given me at least one thumbs up, maybe two someday!

Well on Thursday evening I had a chance to have a conversation with Tom about the papers we have to write and again something enlightening happened. Tom and I think honestly most of us are getting to another level of thinking in our papers. He said to me.."I'm writing for me!" On the surface this may sound like it has some bravado in it, but I didn't take it this way. I took it with the sincerity that it was delivered in.

These papers should be something that really creates a spark and drives a passion inside of us that needs to be put on paper or email for us in Plymouth. I believe that I'm starting to get at that point also.

My next paper will be about "Ressourcement"! You may ask why and the answer lies in my own heritage, as the term is a French word and being of French descent this created a spark in me. I'll share something else that I spoke to Mike about. A "source" in French for me also meant a well or a spring for water. Being that water is essential to life, the insight I received was to share that our Church Leaders at Vatican II dipped into the source or spring of riches our Church has by looking into our past.

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis!


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