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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bridle and Bit!

We are getting very close to the end of the year with the Rite of Lector coming around the corner. There are only three classes left in our Moral Theology course and without a doubt this is "the best" one of the year. As the old saying goes, "saving the best for last." I'm not downplaying the other courses, but the mixture of the topic, the excellent connections, and the professor we have have, made it an easy choice for me. 

I popped into the parish office two days ago and I was greeted by the following comment from the parish secretary...."hurry up and finish we need you now!" There are going to be seven funerals from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon in town, and I was told five of them could be done by the Deacons. Even with two priests in our parish, there is a tremendous need for Deacons in our community, which is probably why the Spirit guided two of us to answer the call.

Our journey's to Plymouth have been for the most part uneventful, except for the part of gaining something very special. When you have an hour and half to get somewhere there's a lot of sharing that can go on, and there was. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, brother in Christ to share this journey with. The Spirit keeps moving us, inspiring us, and pushing us to be something more than we have ever imagined. Thursday night Mike was the co-pilot and we share duties on leading evening prayer on the ride down. After he finished I asked him if he felt the same way I did about a couple of words in one of the psalms? The words "bridle and bit" caught his attention also. It's amazing how you can read something more than once and then it finally sparks something inside of you. 

Yesterday, I read the psalm once again and it answered for me and for our parish secretary why this journey is taking so long. I will just share a few lines from Psalm 32......

"I will instruct you and teach you
the way you should go;
I will give you counsel
with my eye upon you.

Be not like horse and mule, unintelligent,
needing bridle and bit
else they will not approach you.
Many sorrows has the wicked
but he who trusts in the Lord,
loving mercy surrounds him."

So as all 22 of us continue this journey we pray that if we are blessed enough to be ordained our bridle's and bits will be removed and the Lord's loving mercy that surrounds us will be seen by those who will approach us.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


PS, the Lord's eye was certainly upon us on Thursday evening as Mike and I saw one of His lovely creatures staring at us on I 93 after class, and then darting away!   

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