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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's not just what you say!

Well as the old saying goes " were getting into the homestretch" with only 2 classes remaining. My assistant and I were discussing the year, and she has noticed a change in me. She said, "don't take this wrong, but you're not so stressed out as last year, and with double the travel time it's kind of amazing you're holding up so well!"  This is the second time she tells me this and that I share it with you, so I'm taking this one as a sign from the Lord to keep moving forward.  I have to admit that even though I may look like I'm holding up well, the grind and the fatigue is setting in. This is something Mike and I shared on Tuesday evening.

This course will definitely be the best of the year for various reasons. No cancellations, excellent connections, a message we can sink our teeth into, and also a message that is very challenging in all levels. This one has less reading assignments in terms of pages, but they are oh so powerful. If the intention was to create great inner reflection and turmoil.................................mission accomplished!"  By turmoil, I actually mean something very good. I'm getting close to being 52 and I guess "you can teach and old dog new tricks!" 

If I had to tell you something that has changed me by this experience, it would have to be a message delivered to us by our professor. "The greatest sin is complacency!" I have never heard that one ever in my life, but it ties in so well with the Gospel message. We are constantly be challenged by the fact that no matter where we go or what we do, we will never, nor must we ever feel we have done a great job, or that we have done enough. For a man who loves challenges this one doesn't frighten me. I could look at it feeling a little hopeless knowing that it will be impossible to take care of everything, or I can remember that in all my best successes in my personal, business, and spiritual life there was always someone there to guide me and work with me to get the job done. 

Our professor also said one more life changing message from Christ..

"We as individuals can't change the world,
but all of us as a community can,
and we will bring more souls to Christ from what we do,
than what we say!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


PS, when I shared this class with my best friend, he offered one thing to me.....
"If you ever get ordained, don't ever get complacent in your ministry!"

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