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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where will you be on 7/26/12?

Today we had two visitors to Celebrate with us at the 9 am Mass. Actually one visitor and a local boy leading the way. Bishop Peter and Fr. Jason (another Berlin Boy) made the trip to St. Anne's Church, and what a celebration it was. Bishop Peter is a very charismatic, down to earth man that has a wonderful way of drawing people to him. I made sure to bring Mom and Dad, and I wanted to sit up front so they could see him and hear him better. This will be at least the third time I've heard him preach and I don't believe I would ever tire hearing from him. 

At the end of the Mass we were treated to some "insider news" from Fr. Jason. He spoke of a new initiative to pray for vocations in the diocese. There will be four events throughout out the state, with the final event culminating with day long activities. He said there will be thousands of pilgrims who will be coming to participate. We will have Eucharistic Adoration, a Mass with the Bishop at 3 pm and a march through the streets with the Blessed Sacrament. This reminded me of my younger years in the parish. The day will be guided by our Grandmother St. Anne and the location will be here in Berlin. We were told to spread the news and to invite everyone to come to Berlin and be a part of the Blessed event. 

I've mentioned in the past that Bishop Peter stated that Berlin is a "nest" for vocations, as there have been so many in the past, and there are many still serving the Diocese. At the end of the Mass Bishop Peter yelled "YEAH BERLIN!", and a thunderous applause was heard throughout. As your emissary from the "nest" I urge you all to make the trip to my City and come to share your faith, prayers, fellowship, and Love with all of us. 

We will be celebrating on the feast of St. Anne, Christ's grandmother, our grandmother!Fr. Jason stated "who doesn't love their grandmother?" When you hear her calling you, and asking you to come to Berlin to Celebrate her grandson, please come and join us! (More details will be made as soon as they are available)

If the day had just ended with this, I would have been happy. It's my turn for hospital ministry today and it was very enjoyable and very special indeed. I'm always impressed by someone who just doesn't talk a good talk. Once again our Bishop, is a living example of Christ's message of love. I was the lead off hitter in the hospital, and Bishop Peter batted cleanup. In my estimation he hit a home run with the patients. I'm sure he's a very busy man, but he showed he isn't too busy for Christ's children. 

If you're getting the idea that I'm pretty enthusiastic today, you betcha! So what could top this today? Who knows, the day isn't over yet!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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