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Monday, May 28, 2012

Welcome to the fire!

It is Memorial day, and it is time to give thanks, reflect, and honor those who had given their lives for Freedom. I am blessed to have a Dad who was a part of the greatest generation, having served his adopted country in World War II. I say adopted as I am the son of an immigrant from Canada. 

I attended Mass this morning to pray for those who have died and for those who continue to answer the call to serve our nation. Fr. Mark was the celebrant and as usual he seems to teach me in so many ways. With him as my spiritual director, I have learned so much through our informal meetings and simply through observing his movements. 

Today we have the reading of the rich young man (one of my favorites), and Father shared how our lives have changed over the years. We all used to have one TV, one car, one bathroom, etc. We have changed in that we have avoided challenges and confrontations in our lives. Now that we have all these little perks, we can avoid these issues and feel even more independent. Good, no! 

Our Lord met the rich man and invited him into the fire. The counter cultural message of loving your enemies, giving up some of your free time to share your talents, and avoid the temptation of complacency. Like gold tested in fire to purify it, we need these challenges, these uncomfortable moments, that eventually bring about the best in all of us. 

On this special day, this day that reminds us all about facing challenges, making sacrifices, respecting honor, and the Love of freedom, I share with all of you the same challenge.......

"Welcome to the Fire!"

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis!


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