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Friday, May 25, 2012

I will give you the words!

This past Tuesday evening marked the end of our formal classes for the year. The final class focused upon death, euthanasia, and some insights on what we could possibly expect as Deacons. Little did I know that these words would be coming out of me in just a few days.

This past Sunday while doing Hospital Ministry I visited along with my Dad my Uncle. He was looking fine for the most part, trying to recover from pneumonia. In a matter of a few days things got worse for him and I was told that the family had to make some very difficult decisions. 

During the day on Wednesday my Mom stopped by at the store to share the unpleasant news. We spoke about his condition and then she said..."You need to go to the hospital, you need to go see him!" My Mom hasn't been this direct with me in such a long time, so I agreed that I should be there. Mom told me she would have supper ready for me and then I could make the trip up to the hospital.

After work I headed home to change up and then went to my folks for supper. Soon thereafter I traveled to the hospital thinking that I was being called to be there and that I would probably be staying for just a short time.

Well, our plans and God's plan aren't always on the same page. I was there with two of my cousins and my sister. They were a little surprised to see me, but very happy. My cousins talked so much about their Dad, my Dad, our grandparents, and their memories. My uncle was comfortable and resting. The stories and memories seemed to help them through this time, and then we discovered that my Uncle had passed away. It was very difficult for them, as they questioned themselves and felt uneasy. Call it what you will but many of the things we discussed came directly from what I learned on Tuesday evening. The words were there and they offered comfort and hope for them. 

I was there with all of them until about midnight that evening. On the trip home I couldn't help but think about and thank the Lord for the words He gave me. I felt ready to deal with something very difficult and realized that indeed the words will be given whenever the time comes!

Our community has only two short years to ready ourselves for a lifetime of service. After this experience, I'm realizing that two years won't really be enough, and that we will have to trust in the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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