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Friday, November 12, 2010

Moved by the Spirit to Pray!

One of the things I really enjoyed at St. Methodios was our community prayer time. Mike Johnson and I set a time together to meet every other Wednesday night to say evening prayers together. On the first night a friend of mine Roland Arsenault asked what we were doing. We shared our experience from our first retreat and also shared the joy we had praying together that night. He asked if he could join us, and mentioned that he had a friend who would come also. This past Wednesday evening we had four men praying together and sharing our petitions to God. Well, Roland asked if he could ask others to join us and also asked if we could put aside one morning every week to do morning prayers together. We did morning prayers at 6:30 am in the Church and of course we all enjoyed it. Such a basic little thing as gathering together to pray, and extremely enjoyable. A coincidence this is happening, not! I don't believe in coincidences The Spirit is alive and moving us all in a new direction. I am loving this so much I had to share it with all of you. I will let you know how our little group is moving forward.

God Bless, Adieu!


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