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Friday, November 5, 2010

Seeing life through a different lens

I remember very well the day I first put on my new glasses. I was 27 years old and I was so amazed how well I could see, and I couldn't help but think why I had waited so long to fix the problem. The headaches were going away and the clarity of vision was incredible. I wasted a few years of my life because I was too stubborn and probably too vain to think I needed glasses. I am in session #2 of my Old Testament class and I'm starting to get it. Deacon Greg last night was talking about seeing our past through a different lens. Ironic in that I have been contemplating writing this little piece for about a week now and I had already picked the title. This isn't just a class for me and I'm sure it isn't for the Aspirants, it's so much more than that. I can see the work of the Spirit guiding me along. Take for instance on Saturday I'm returning from the cross country championship in Manchester with my best friend of over 39 years. We talked about my vocation and he shared one very touching and prophetic statement. Bruce was concerned that now that his children were graduating from High School we would have more time to hang out, but he was afraid that the Diocese would uproot me and take me away from Berlin. I told him not too worry too much because there was 4 more years of studies, and I still have about 15 years to go to retire. That night I was reading from Carmody on the mixed blessings that come from being chosen by God. "Being chosen by God brings with it uprooting, conflict, and insecurity." Powerful stuff there for me, so powerful I had to stop reading and try to absorb all of it. All I could think of was what Bruce said to me that afternoon. I asked Deacon Greg how he felt about the mixed blessings that come from being chosen by God. He shared that he was amazed at the fact that he was chosen by God to do this work and loves it. He isn't necessarily doing everything he wants to do, but he is doing what he is called to do. Like the first day of wearing my new glasses, I'm starting to see things more clearly and God is revealing a little more to me each and every day. I'm just as amazed today as I was when I was 27. I'm so glad God fitted me with some new lenses.

Take Care, God Bless to all my Aspirant family.

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