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Monday, November 29, 2010

Making room for Jesus!

I talked about what I would have to put aside to do the Lord's work. I love that quote and felt it was very appropriate. The irony is that I made this decision just before Advent. I not only dropped something that didn't allow me to fully function as an Aspirant, I began to make room for Jesus to come into my heart. I have had a few people ask me why I was giving up the school board, and the answer comes out very easily; I am studying to be a deacon and I need more time to do this well. Surprisingly the educators get it, but probably on an intellectual level. They understand the time and dedication it takes to really get into the studies. Yet, I think there is a curiosity about what I'm really doing and probably why? I think more questions will come in time. The parishioners have been awesome. The support, prayers, and kind words  are a real help to me. All of what is going on right now was a wake up call by Jesus. My life, family, faith, friends, studies all need to be directed to one goal. The message was well received, it's up to me to make room for Jesus.

Bonsoir mes amis, Adieu, a la prochaine fois.
(Good night my friends, unto God I give you, at the next time we meet)

ps my french Canadian background is kicking in, today my daughter called me to ask about a french Christmas Song.


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