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Friday, November 12, 2010

Old Testament.....A study in Church Genealogy!

Yeah Genealogy! Last night was our third class for Old Testament with Deacon Greg. I'll be honest, the first class really left me in the dark wondering if I was ready for this, or even if I could really start to understand and get this. I'm not an expert, but you know I'm starting to grasp the beauty of the Old Testament. The subtle inferences, the links with our rich tradition, and the true foundation that our wonderful Church is built upon. This week we really got into a great discussion on King David. (For those of you in Manchester that maybe looking for a smaller class size, consider the drive to Plymouth to join us). I was really moved by King David's prayer to God. An excellent snapshot on how close a relationship a human being had with God. King David and Moses are right up there with a true personal relationship with God. Two great men filled with flaws, a deep burning Love for God, and I could go on and on. So I started this class with doubt, and I'm starting to sift through this heavy stuff and I really Love it. I always call Terry (my wife) when I'm leaving Plymouth, and I was ranting on how much I really enjoy this class. I'll be writing my first paper in this class and I will be writing about being chosen by God, their relationship, the blessings received, and how God's blessing can cause uprooting, conflict, and insecurity.

God Bless all of you, Take Care, Mitch!

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