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Monday, November 8, 2010

What do names really mean,....what do words really mean?

From taking the Old Testament course I have come to learn that names really mean something. The names are just not names, they have a meaning. I learned that Israel means "wrestles with God", Bethel "House of God", Melchezidek "My God is Righteous". And the names can go on and on. In the Hebrew tradition we learned that naming someone or someplace had great significance, or was impacted by some event. Very fascinating for me. It's incredible and extremely interesting how this tradition developed. If you recall in my past blogs I have come to literally grab some words that have really hit me in some profound way. They seem to come to me in my classes, my spiritual reading, prayers, etc. This past week I have come across some words that have caused me to stop and reflect. I participated in the whole community catechises this week and a few key words came to light. Attitude, a very interesting word that seems to have a double meaning. As a child I remember when a teacher might have said you are developing an attitude. Not a very flattering or positive statement, or is it? I once put on a message on my old cell phone and the message was "Attitude is everything!" I believed that a positive attitude or developing an honest attitude in life was important for me. We all have choices, and I strongly believe a positive attitude is the only choice to make.

Gratitude, giving thanks, being grateful were all key words that were shared that same evening. Are they just words or are they something more? When we participate in the Mass Fr. Mark reminded us that we are not there just to ask for something, we are there to be grateful, and give thanks to Our Lord for what we have received. Are we not developing a better attitude about our faith when we our thankful for all of our even tiniest blessings that we have received?

That same evening when I was in a group I was asked about the message that was in the current Parable magazine. I was asked about what was the sign and the answer I received from God. I was a little choked up at first explaining something very profound that happened in my life. I shared that the message I learned from God was to Trust. I really need to work on having an attitude of Trust in my relationship with God. I need to Trust that whether I call on God or not, God will always be there for me.

So, this past week in class I learned that names have a very special meaning to them, and God taught me that words are not just words. These words that have been shared with me will help improve my attitude about everything. After all I do believe that Attitude is everything. What do words really mean to you?

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