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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Distractions, a simple little word that has been an important part of our lives as Aspirants lately. This past weekend Br. Jack asked us, "Are you distracted yet?" Our lives are full of distractions some we can turn off and obviously many that we just need to deal with. I happened to be reviewing the blog I published prior to our formation weekend, and ironically I jotted down that I turned off the radio to avoid distractions on my trip home. Wow, did I just get an Epiphany or what? A little late coming to me but I guess that's how it can work sometimes. I'm finding out a little more how to filter out the distractions that I have control over, and really enjoying quiet time all over again. Hopefully dealing with distractions will open up the three Epiphanies I should be enjoying every day.

I'll share one that occurred to me yesterday. My daughter called me yesterday and talked about how people can be so rude and totally preoccupied with their lives. Danielle works at a food service company and she mentions that the part of her job she hates is how most of the customers are just indifferent, and seem to be uncaring. She then was excited to tell me of an incident that really inspired her. She was so nice to a customer that, the customer asked someone else who she was, and gave her a nice compliment. The following day that person called her by name and it startled Danielle at first and then she explained the whole situation to Danielle. My daughter was so moved by this that she was really excited to share this with me. What an Epiphany! Being nice, friendly, and smiling can change our little corner of the world. Today I pray that you all may be open to experience an Epiphany or create one for someone today!

God Bless you all and shower you with an abundance of Love and at least one Epiphany!

Adieu mes Amis,


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