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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And where it all began!

This is a picture of St. Philomen de Stoke, in Stoke Quebec. This is the church that my mother was baptized in. She then moved to Bishopton Quebec where my grandfather helped build that church. I have a very funny story about this Church. When I was very young my parents brought me to the Church and where I sat there was a hole in it, probably from an old knot hole that fell out. My favorite uncle looked at me and said, "Did you let one go?" He was a great man who always seemed to make every one smile. I'm sure he got that from my grandfather that I never really got to know.

This is a picture of St. Anne's Church in Berlin. My Dad was born in Bromptonville Quebec and he and his family moved to Berlin NH to find work when he was three years old. My Dad made his First Communion and Confirmation in this Church, which ironically is now my Church in Berlin.
This is a very old picture of the Church that I grew up in. This is Guardian Angel Church (L'Ange Guardien). I was Baptized here, my First Communion and Confirmation were made here. I also served as an Altar Boy here for several years. I went to school right across the street at L'Ecole Ange Guardien (Guardian Angel School) Yeah, I still have a soft spot for this Church. It has since been sold when all the parishes were consolidated 8 years ago. Sorry no cute stories to tell you about the other Churches, well maybe if you ask me about them I can tell you some!

Adieu mes Amis,


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