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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Road, and the Journey!

We have just finished our second class of New Testament last night in Plymouth. Snow storms have not been a factor so far. The road to Plymouth has now become so familiar to me that sometimes it almost feels like I'm on auto pilot. It was a beautiful drive there last night.  The sun was shining and the road was clear. I can't say just yet that I'm getting accustomed to the trip, especially since there was a fairly long break in between the last course and this one. I like to leave Berlin by 4 pm and take a break, read a little bit, and then I wrote in my journal.

Last night we dealt with the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Fr. Biron has been such a wonderful instructor. His passion, really comes through in the class. He agrees that we aren't really doing justice to our studies. So much to know in such a small amount of time. Anyways, I'm really fascinated by the Gospel of St. Luke. I personally love the road to Emmaus . That passage reminds me of my own journey. We walk, or sometimes drive along the road looking for Our Lord and wondering where he is. We at times feel alone, confused, and helpless. Emanuel is there and our hearts may feel something, but our eyes deceive us.

And then it happens, Jesus will show up and reveal himself to us. On the road to Emmaus they recognized him by the Breaking of the Bread. Rolling back up 93 last night I was alert, but kind of restless. I turned off the radio, and the silence was peaceful. There was a calm that came over me. I felt His presence being with me and guiding me back home.

At Mass on Sunday I'm preparing myself to recognize Him again. I'll be thinking of all that we went through this past week and how He speaks to me. When the Bread is broken, and when my own eyes behold Him, I want to always have that Joy of knowing He did this all for me!

Adieu mes Amis!


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