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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stand by Me!

We had another awesome weekend of formation for all of the aspirants. I was kindly reminded at the end of the weekend that Cupid dropped a little hint to get something special, for my special Love. We did stop at Dunkin Donuts and I picked up her special order of coffee and I was hoping to get her the Valentines Day special donut. My luck they were all out. Terry was still happy with the Boston Creme that probably is her favorite donut.  We talked quite a bit about the weekend. I will be sharing some more in depth thoughts of the weekend later. Two things came out of this weekend for Terry. First she really felt that she was being called on to forgive, undoubtedly an Epiphany for her. The second issue was the role of wives in this journey. She told me she has made many discussions with other ladies and it seems to be a topic that probably needs addressing. She is unsure even though Fr. Dennis stated that her role was to support me in my journey. She has been great throughout this process. Today we both came up with a possible answer. The role will probably be undefined, because it may be up to her and all the ladies how much more they want to participate in. I think Terry is establishing her own role by setting up a grieving ministry in Berlin. She is on the path that she is choosing, and it probably is defining her own role in the Church. This Ministry that she is so passionate about is definitely needed here in Berlin when we are averaging over 200 funerals a year.
The discussion we had reminded me of my favorite song. I asked her what it was and she thought it was one from my favorite band Queen. I told her that it was a good guess but the song was also the name of a movie I liked. She then got it right away! Stand by Me! I am so bless to have such a wonderful partner to share my life, hopes and dreams with. So on Valentines Day I offer a special song to my Valentine! Thanks Terry for Standing By Me!

Happy Valentines Day to all!

Adieu mes Amis!


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