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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome Home!

My son came home from Ca. on Friday night. We haven't seen him since August. It doesn't sound like a long time away, but it was our first Christmas that we weren't altogether. My daughter brought him up and Saturday evening we celebrated Christmas together. It was such a special night. The toughest part of this all, is sharing him with everyone else who wants to be with him. We had a few hours together on Sunday just to talk.

There was one thing that I noticed while he was here. I really wanted to shut down all outside distractions. I hadn't realized it but, I had been faithful keeping up with my journal except for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I was talking with Mike and told him what happened and I could think of only one reason! "Sometimes Life Happens!" 

I finished my first paper for New Testament last night, and I got the go ahead by Terry to send it out. Our third class is on Thursday and it's becoming just like all the others. While you start to really get into this, it seems to be coming to an end. I'm so looking forward to this weekend. The only drawback is that my son will still be in Berlin for a few more days. I guess sometimes sacrifices hurt a bit.

Adieu mes Amis,


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