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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have been beating myself up for over a week now trying to figure out what I will be writing my final reflection paper on for the New Testament course. I don't think at any time in my life I spent so much time just reflecting on what to write about. It really should be easy right? Well I could go on and on about the wonderful, and inspiring things I learned from this course. I pretty much knew from the start that it would be something about St. Paul. I think his letters have always had some message that caught my attention.

So as the title of this latest episode on my blog states, I will be writing about letters. Before the advent of the computer a letter was always something to be treasured and the audience always got excited about reading one. I remember my days in Indiana at St. Meinrad, when a simple little letter from either a family member or friend would brighten even the cloudiest day. I fondly remember the excitement, and anticipation I would experience when I would go to the school's mail room and check my box to see if this was the lucky day.

The same feeling came about in July of 2010. I was forever checking out the mailbox, to see if the letter had arrived. Each day brought about a little frustration and disappointment until that eventful day. Terry and I were on a camping trip and I even asked my buddy to check the box and unfortunately it didn't arrive yet. I even tried to tell myself it's no big deal, don't worry about it. I gave up looking and when we returned from our trip, I just couldn't wait and had to check the box. There it was the letter I had been waiting for. I opened it up and the answer was exactly what I was looking for, acceptance as an Aspirant for the Diocese. A simple little letter that brought about so much emotion inside of me. I still keep the letter and treasure it with great pride and humility.

Looking back I can only imagine that the early Christians who anticipated and eagerly looked forward to a letter from St. Paul were sharing the same emotions that I was feeling. Someone whom they loved and respected was sending them a letter just because he loved them and wanted to share the Good News with them. A simple little way of communicating hasn't lost at all the opportunity to impact someones life.  The ideas are flowing and the words will soon be put on paper and eventually to my computer. I will wrap up this project by Saturday, and prepare for the next class Christology.

Good luck to all my brother Aspirants.

Adieu mes Amis,


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