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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Are you listening?

It never ceases to amaze me how our Lord finds ways to reach out to us, if only our ears are open. Just that phrase reminds me of Scripture...."they have ears but can not hear!" 

Yesterday, I met for the first time my new district manager. One thing I immediately noticed is that they are all getting younger than I am. I guess after working 30 years for a company that is something that is to be expected. 

We had some wonderful discussions and I took notes. Yes notes! No matter how hard I try to remember, even though my memory isn't bad, I remember more by writing it down. 

So how does this all relate to matters of faith? It does! You see the same things that make a good manager, a good employee, are the same things that make a good disciple. Avoid complacency, follow good practices, be willing to change your old habits.Way too often, most of us feel that we have figured it out, we think we have discovered the angle to get to heaven. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that we are human beings, and we tend to plateau and then cruise. We don't like the bumps and bruises, and we certainly don't stretch ourselves very far. We aren't very willing to change. 

Change was the buzz word, create new habits, be flexible, it will improve. Well, I have some changing to do, challenges before me, yet there was a renewed sense of enthusiasm. I am competitive, I like challenges, and so the task is before me. 

My new boss is Catholic, he has four children, and is moving to New Hampshire. I shared my story with him about going to school at St. Meinrad which wasn't very far from his hometown. He shared with me that the priest who married him and his wife probably studied there. The name wasn't familiar yet, we never know for sure. He shared his name and this morning I looked him up. His resume was impressive, and he appeared to smell like sheep. His parish is growing, and what struck me the most was one little quote that he lives by.................."Envision it with faith, and it will become a reality!" Hmmm, Deacon Mitch are you listening?

Dona Nobis Pacem

Deacon Mitch 

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