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Scenes from my first Christmas

Yes, this is my First Christmas.....as a Deacon of course. Fr. Andrew reminded me and the entire congregation of that, along with the story ...

Sunday, July 19, 2015


 Well there he goes again father Andrew with his challenges. He created some challenges for the parishioners this week:Number one be unplugged.... no Facebook no computers no texting,and there will be no blogging for a week. The challenges continue also with the following: listen, Lead, and learn. Father Andrew stated we would probably be shaking, and he would be able to tell by the look of us if we had followed up on his challenges. And so it begins, you won't hear from me for a week.  Maybe you will take up his challenge also? 

  Dona Nobis Pacem

 Deacon Mitch "signing off for one week"

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