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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Developing a Bucket Sale Mentality

I've recently shared with you that I have a new district manager. He just came to my store for the very first time to inspect, review, and share a few thoughts. I told him one of the proudest accomplishments I have is leading the initiative of the Bucket Sale. Twice a year we have a sale on paint sundries, i.e. brushes, rollers, etc. Since this inception of this event we have either won this or remained in the top three despite being one of the smallest stores in my district. He couldn't believe a store my size could accomplish so much, offering "if you can do it, everyone should be at least at that level". He then asked..."how do you do it!" I told him we are always studying the market, looking for new products, getting to better understand the changing landscape, and calling, calling, and being very persistent. He then offered this...."You need to develop a bucket sale mentality every day!" Well, that got my competitive juices flowing and I have made some changes already in the store that are beginning to pay off. 

I then started to realize that in my daily life as a Deacon, as a Christian, I need to develop that Bucket Sale Mentality too! I am charged, we are all charged to praise the Lord, and bring more souls to Christ. We must be willing with whatever gifts we are blessed with to be of service to the Lord. No matter how old or how young we are, we need to be ready and able to defend the faith in a merciful way, and share that joy of being a disciple of Christ. You may not feel that you are worthy for whatever reason, yet we all need to trust in the Holy Spirit to guide us to live the Gospel. The best way is to spend moments with the Lord in Adoration, and prayer.I have no doubts you will be divinely inspired. Make the necessary changes every day, and behold we can all move mountains.

Dona Nobis Pacem

Deacon Mitch

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