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Friday, December 3, 2010

Another class almost done!

Last night was the last in class session that we had for our Old Testament course. We all still have another paper to write, but the classroom time for this class is over. So what did I learn from this class.....
  1. The Kingdom of God is at hand
  2. There are no coincidences
  3. Carmody never refers to God with a masculine adjective
  4. There is a reason for every name, and a name means something
  5. There's a lot of drama in the Old Testament
  6. The individuals would make a great reality show today
  7. The prophets would always deal with the here and now, don't look too far ahead
  8. Deacon Greg knows his schtufffffffff!
  9. I Loved understanding how the women played a major role in God's Will
  10. I started confused, and now it's starting to make more sense,...possibly a longer course someday!
  11. Tom had excellent choice in pizza and is a great site leader.
  12. I Love our small classes....we have room for more. Any takers???
  13. The drive home gives me a chance to unwind and dissect what went on.

Well it's time to prepare for this weekend, my wife is baking bread, whole community catechises tonight, and up early tomorrow. See you all tomorrow.

Bonsoir, Adieu.


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