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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dealing with the ups and downs of the week.

 Thursday was one of those days where I was really up for going to class . I picked up Terry in Glen to make sure that she would be joining me for Christology class in Plymouth. Terry was taking a course on the elderly (her passion) and she wanted to make sure that I wasn't traveling alone. We had a great class with Fr. John. We discussed how our own perceptions and experiences filtered our relationship with Jesus. The truly human and divine person of Jesus. Our final discussion dealt with ascending or descending Christology. My life, my experiences lead me to a descending Christology, but I find myself morphing into a little bit of both. My life as a Catholic in a very small community based life at Guardian Angel guided me to the point that I have been in my life, and now as my journey in faith continues I am growing, changing, and my relationship with Jesus is not the same.  Obviously this was such a great class to be in.

Last night I participated in the Whole Community Catechises and we were doing the Stations of the Cross. I was asked to do the first station, The Agony in the Garden. I felt it tied in very well with our Christology class. The fully human and divine Jesus that endured all of our pains and understands our sufferings. We discussed how we have become a world that avoids pain and suffering, and we are becoming literally numb to pain. You know what was the best part of both my class on Thursday and last night? Being with people I Love and have so much to share with.

I topped off the night spending time with my best friend at the Millyard last night. We had a few appetizers and some beer and best of all we were able to just relax and have fun together. We met so many people who talked to us and there it was again, just being in the presence of people I love and care for.

The downs for the week? Only one! Thursday night we were over 20 below zero! Yuk!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Adieu mes Amis,


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