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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ministry of Presence

I left out something very important that occurred during my last spiritual direction meeting with Fr. Mark. I got on the discussion of how much I enjoyed giving the Eucharist to those in the hospital on Saturday's. I mentioned to him how much more important it has become to me in my life.  That's when Fr. Mark said it's all about the Ministry of Presence. We need to just be there for someone, to touch them both physically and spiritually.  Hold their hands, listen to them, and just be a physical presence of Our Lord to them.

Last week I lost a very dear man that I truly loved. Romeo was my Boy Scout Leader, an inspiration, a man of Love, and faith. Romeo battled his demons, and showed everyone what can happen when you embrace your faith. He earned respect from everyone for his love of life and his true devotion to mankind. I attended his funeral on Friday and was touched by his daughter's stories about her Dad. One especially touched me where she said that a young man shared with her at the IGA how much Romeo influenced his life by being his Scout Leader. I cried believing that I was the one who told her that story. Today I met her at the Dollar store ( remember no coincidences ) and there she was. I just had to share my love for her Dad and just be there for her. I asked her about that story and she said it wasn't me, and then I said " Louise that story was not just Denis's story, or Mitch's, or just one young man, it was all our stories from a man who touched so many." Romeo was a man who was there for people,and who epitomized the Ministry of Presence. We talked for over an hour and I returned the gift her father shared with me. Jesus led me to be bold, to give, share, and just be there for someone. Again I received as much from this as I had given.

I pray that when the opportunity arrives for any one of you to be there for someone, you will seize the moment and be able to be there for someone.

Adieu mes Amis,


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