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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taking Time To Listen!

Well, I discussed earlier how busy these past weekdays were, and that I was anxiously awaiting what the weekend would unveil. It actually began on Friday night, a night I usually spend with my best friend. I left him with an open invitation to do something that night and when he didn't call, I called him at about 8 pm. He shared with me that he had been at the hospital to visit his Uncle who was dying. We also got to talk about his son participating in the state welding tournament, where his son had finished in 9th place. He was pretty proud of his son and I agreed.

Saturday morning the parish added and 8 am Mass and I was asked to serve as a Eucharistic Minister and gladly offered a couple of weekends during Lent. I was there early to finish up some prayers and my best friend's mom "Tiger" was there. Tiger will be a discussion at a future blog edition. Tiger sat with me and we enjoyed a very nice Mass with a small but fervent group of faithful. After Mass we sat together for about 20 minutes just talking, and mostly listening on my part. She is a wonderful lady, that I Love dearly and I was so glad to hear her stories about the family.

After Mass I picked up the Blessed Sacrament to do my hospital ministry. I went home first because I forgot my name badge, you know the rules I have to look official. My son asked me if he could borrow my car to go skiing, so I worked out the details with Terry and Mitch Jr. was happy to go out there and share in his passion. After Terry finished her hair appointment I took her to the Senior Center where she was volunteering for an Old Fashioned Sugar house dinner.

I headed to the hospital and picked up my list and again something new happened. I waited at the desk for any instructions and I saw a nurse I knew and asked her if she knew of anyone else who wanted to receive the Blessed Sacramaent. She said "Please let me receive Him, I really need Him today!" She shared how difficult the day has been already and a I thanked her for the important care she provides.

Unfortunately, most of the faithful were sleeping except for one of them and she was so enthusiastic to receive Our Lord. I am so in awe with the look in their eyes when the receive, it is indescribable. I also went to the children's ICU and prayed outside the doors and when I walked by the chapel I noticed some young people and I was moved to go in and offer my prayers and support for them.

The hospital visit ended with a discussion I had with a classmate of mine. I shared with her how difficult it was for me visiting friends who are dying. She knew who I was talking about, and she shared that they provide as much Love and attention that is humanly possible to give. She added that although it is very difficult at times she is fulfilled by her Loving work.

I traveled back to the Church to return the Blessed Sacrament. When I left the altar I met a parishioner who thought I was Fr. Mark. I guess were both pretty tall guys so it is understable. He asked me how my studies were going and how much longer before I could serve the parish. This question still comes up very frequently. I told him that my studies were going very well and he wanted to discuss his love for the old Hymns. He offered that he really misses them and doesn't like the new hymns. I listened as he would share his passion for the music and I understood his nostalgia for the past.Ironically, I would read in my book that evening how we see the image of Christ. I honestly feel that he would see and meet Christ in music. We finished my discussing how we have evolved into one parish, and the fact that our one Church of worship is probably one of the most beautiful Churches in the Diocese. "Check out the pictures on catholicchurchnh.org where you can see our Stations of the Cross and other beautiful pictures.

The rest of the day was simple, a beautiful dinner with my family at the Senior Center. Mom, Dad, my sister, and my wife had dinner together. My son came back home and we had supper together. I started reading for class, and Terry and I were waiting for Bruce again to call. He didn't call so I texted him and he quickly got sick of texting and called me. He was at Wal Mart at the Dunkin Donuts. Terry wanted to go so while she was shopping I sat down, had a cup of coffee with him. We talked, and we both listened to each other. It was a short but enjoyable time.

Well, that is a recap of a very interesting day. I know this was a very long discussion today, but this week has been, let's say inspirational.

I pray that Our Lord showers you with the same Blessings that I have received this week. It has truly been a week of Epiphanies!

Adieu mes Amis,


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