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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No more lonely rides home!

Today, Terry and I received some wonderful news. Pat Gabree called Terry and told her that she would be welcomed to join me, Tom,Steve & Linda at our classes in Plymouth. Terry has been worrying about my long trips home and asked if they would consider her joining the classes. Steve and Linda (thank you) put in a plug to get the ok. So officially tomorrow begins the joint venture we will be sharing with our group. I know that she will like the classes and we will have another opportunity to share together. Tom, you will have to bring an extra plate for supper tomorrow night! (Pizza is always on our menu!)

Christology begins tomorrow night and once again I can't wait. I sent in my final paper for New Testament on Sunday, and started to dive into the reading portion. I looked at the author of the book and saw Matthias Neuman OSB. Hmm, OSB I wondered if he was from St. Meinrad, and I thought he might have been a classmate of mine when I attended college there. It turns out, I was only half right. Yes he was from St. Meinrad and no he wasn't a former classmate of mine. Anyways the Catechism and the book were very good so far. Maybe, just maybe I'm beginning to enjoy reading books again. Well, the Christology book is not very large and it is definitely easy reading.

Good luck to all you taking the classes and rest assured I will still be thinking of all you on my journeys back home. I'm pretty sure that the radio will stay off on the way home, I'm getting used to not have those distractions in my life.

Take Care & Adieu mes Amis!


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