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Saturday, April 23, 2011

And I will be aided by my two robbers!

It was Friday evening, time for Good Friday Liturgy. I picked up my Mom and Dad to attend the service. I had to meet early with Fr. Mark to discuss the commentary that I would be reading and then he mentioned that he wanted Mike Johnson and I to each hold a cross on both sides of him to allow the faithful to venerate the Cross. I said yes and I'm sure Mike said likewise. When it came time to prepare for venerating the Cross Fr. Mark introduced us to the congregation as Aspirants. He described what an Aspirant was and mentioned that we would be on each side of him, and also said " And  I will be aided by my two robbers!" You can only imagine the laughter from everyone and I couldn't help but think, "Who's going to Heaven?"; I'm sure Mike thought the same. I was very humbled by the experience and really overwhelmed by it all, the symbolism, the faith, it was a lot to take all in.

At the end of the service I met up with Fr. Mark and thanked him so much for making me a part of such a wonderful and enjoyable Service. I tried to describe the feelings I had and had to share this with Fr. Mark...."I've been called many things in public, but never a robber!"  and his response was..."Make sure you are the one going to Paradise!" ?Again, I just had to laugh and really enjoy the moment.

This is our very first Holy Week as Aspirants and I'm pretty sure everyone is really feeling the Spirit, and the emotions that are out there. I have loved this so much that next year I want to take a vacation week for this. Not necessarily to do more, but mostly to enjoy and feel His Presence.

This morning our small group of men met again for prayer. We began our week on Monday at 6:12 and have met together every morning except yesterday. Today was very special, as after praying the Liturgy of the Hours, we prayed the Rosary, and a Daily Chaplet to complete a Holy Hour. Afterwards, we helped Fr. Mark set up a few things to prepare for the Easter Vigil Service.

If you haven't guessed it yet, it seems that each and every day has become even more special to me. This feels good, it feels right, it's very comfortable, and it feels like home. I will be relaxing today and start some of my readings for Thursday's class, but most of all I want to be ready and open to what the Spirit will bring this evening.

God Bless all you and may the Spirit of the Lord be always deep inside of You!

Adieu mes Amis!


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