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Friday, April 22, 2011

And they will carry you!

Are any of you like me, in that you really don't like being on the sidelines? When there is something to be done, do you instinctively jump in to get the project completed? I'm like that and honestly I'm having a hard time just moving slowly through this beautiful week. I have pulled back from so many things that I would love to do, and I'm just taking it all in. I've forced myself to slow down, relax, and let myself be carried during this week.

Monday night Terry and I traveled to Franconia to meet with Deacon Greg for our interview. There is something you all need to know about me. Punctuality is one of my few obsessions in life. I hate being late for anything, to the point that I often arrive way too early. That happened again on Monday. I got the appointment time mixed up and we were there about 45 minutes early. It worked out fine as we had a chance to talk to Linda and share our experience that we had distributing food last Saturday. The interview went so well that we were in there for about 55 minutes. I guess when your on a roll, time moves on rather quickly.

On Tuesday night I called an old friend that I have wanted to call for almost a year now. This man was a true blessing to me in a very difficult time in my life. I was home just checking things out on the computer and I felt nudged along to call him. My dilemma was that I knew his name, I knew just about where he lived, and unfortunately there were two men with that name. I hit it right on the first try, and we spoke for just a few moments and the feeling was just incredible. I've been wanting to tell him how my life was going along, the new journey I was under taking, and to tell him how often I thank God that he entered into my life.

Wednesday was also an eventful day. We have been quite busy at work and I had to work until 6pm. I wanted to make an appointment to go to confession for quite some time and Fr. Steve offered to stay late and hear my confession. We talked for over an hour and once again the Spirit moved me. Going to confession like many Catholics wasn't always high on my priorities. I probably used every excuse I could think of, and during a low point in my life I just felt empty with absolutely no desire to go to Confession. After Holy Week I will let you all know of a very special person who inspired a change in me. Any ways, Confession that night really prepared me to take in what will be happening for the next few days. I felt awesome again!

Last week I received a phone call from our parish secretary asking me if I would be available for the Triduum. I was planning on going so I said yes, and I asked what would I be doing? She said Fr. Mark wants you to be the narrator. Narrator? I don't remember anything like that but OK. She said be there 20 minutes before Mass and you will know what you will need to read. OK? A little blind faith was needed. Shortly after I arrived Fr. Mark handed me a sheet and instructed me on what would be said, when to say it, and he said thank you! I got the chance to welcome the congregation, announce the significance of the evening, and proclaim the reception of the Holy Oils. I felt so priviliged and I loved it!

Today I really wanted to get out of work early and attend the Stations of the Cross. We have very beautiful Stations here at St. Anne's Church (Check them out on catholicchurchnh.org website) and we had a very nice gathering of faithful. My Mom and Dad showed up and we sat together and enjoyed how Fr. Mark presented each and every one. Tonight I will be there early again to find out what I will be reading. With the initial surprise over with, I'm looking forward to having another small part  of Good Friday.

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Easter Vigil. Again I'll find out what I need to announce and I will have the first reading. I haven't touched a text book for our current class at all this week, and do you know what? I'm so glad that I'm letting that go and just taking it all in.

I almost forgot to share something else with all of you. I know I'm writing quite a bit today, but can you feel the excitement that's in my heart? While walking into the Church to participate in the Stations a parishioner whom I've never met before asked me how my studies were going along. I told her I loved them tremendously, but that I was ready to take a break. She recalled how she traveled to get her Masters degree and said "the journey will be worthwhile, and you must let the Lord and all our prayers carry you on your journey!" I was so touched by this, and I thanked her for her support.

Well, finally in ending this little installment, I wish you all a very Blessed Easter and pray that your week has been as astonishing for all of you as it has been for me.

Adieu mes Amis!


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