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Monday, April 4, 2011

Rating the Weekend, and doing the Deacon Shuffle!

After reflecting on our most recent weekend together, Terry and I both agree it was a great time spent with everyone. I had the chance to talk to many more people and yet I still have a few that I haven't carried a really good conversation with yet. The mood is obviously very relaxed. Similar to a family gathering, after all we are family now. Terry and I are very touched by the kind words, and support we feel. When someone mentioned to me "your son is home" , I was wondering how they knew. I almost forgot that I have been sharing my life with all of you. Thank you!

A small but inspirational group is developing in it's infancy. We have some would be entertainers calling themselves the boys in the hoods working on a new routine called the Deacon Shuffle. It was bantered about that we could post it on You Tube. Any interested in joining?

On a more serious note, what really inspired me from this weekend? Well, first of all I am realizing that I still have work to do and I'm ok with that. You know the routine, you realize that there are some things you have to work on and wonder when you will be able to do it. Well, I know it means surrendering time for me. Key words for me were patience, The Scriptures,  prayer,who is my neighbor, plus finish my final paper for Christology. BTW that was my favorite course, if I haven't mentioned it yet, that is so far!

As we shuffled back to Berlin, Terry and I with the radio off of course talked all the way back about what we learned, felt, and enjoyed about this past weekend. With a little over two hours of driving for us, we are really lucky to be with each other and communicating.

I hope all of you have come away with the same feelings I experienced. Also, we have less than 26 days until the next time we gather as family in our journey to seek the face of God.

May God Bless you always, and all who share in my journey.

Bonsoir mes Amis, et Cherchez Pour Le Visage Du Seigneur! (Good night my friends, and keep searching for the face of God!)



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