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Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's that time of the year again!

January is usually one of our slowest months of the year sales wise in my store. The slower times allow for more open times to go out selling. Today was one of those days and we packed it in with cold calls and meeting some of our regular customers. My rep and I had a lot of fun out there!

What also makes this month a little crazy is that I'm getting ready for my National Sales Meeting with Sherwin-Williams in Nashville Tn. next week. I've been attending these for over 24 years now and I still love them. It's really a business retreat to gain some knowledge, bond with my co-workers, check out new products and recharge those batteries to help grow the business in the coming year.

It's also now week two in our step on line course through Notre Dame. So far I love this course. I keep hearing "you really need to be disciplined to take those courses." I guess so far so good. I turned in my paper on Monday, on line of course, and tonight is session two to participate in a chat. Again, this is very different experience for me. I'm getting to share with people across the nation and I can do this in the comfort of my home with no traveling involved. Though I really miss the time with my travel partner and the Plymouth team.

So, even though it is a little busy with what is coming up, it's been very enjoyable so far. I'll try to post something again before I leave and maybe, just maybe if I can figure it out i'll try to post something while at my trip. I love my kindle fire!

Well, the best to all of you!


Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis!


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