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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Celebrating in Berlin!

There was a buzz in our community for several days now, and I'm sure the anticipation was at a high level. After all we would soon be celebrating the beginning of a another year in our very resilient community. Things are starting to look up in town, we have the Biomass project just getting underway with the promise of 40 new jobs and much needed tax revenues. In the spring we will also have the opening of the new federal prison that promises a few hundred jobs. Wow! That's actually quite a bit for our little city.

On Thursday a different buzz was circulating in our city, and it wasn't a rumor at all. We would be getting a visitor here on Saturday. No it wasn't Newt, Ron Paul, or Mitt Romney it was much better than that.

Bishop Peter would be the main celebrant at his first visit to Berlin, and he obviously was well coached as he pronounced it flawlessly! He is a magnificent homilist and his presence created such electricity. It was wonderful! He pronounced..."I have come to celebrate the New Year in BERLIN!" Needless to say we were all thrilled to have him so quickly after his Installation. I take it that he will be a traveling Bishop, reminiscent of Bishop O'Neil. I sense his need to be close to the people and the feelings were mutual.

He spoke of wanting to be here after hearing how many vocations have come out of Berlin. He called it a "nest" for vocations, and God willing two more eggs will hatch in two and a half years. Sorry, I just couldn't resist putting in that line.

On top of all the attributes I've mentioned about the Bishop, he really endeared himself by speaking french to the faithful.

Welcome Bishop Peter and thank you for ringing in the New Year in Berlin!

Finally our Church Choir sang a French Canadian Traditional song,...."Mon Dieu Benissez la Nouvelle Annee!" (My God Please Bless the New Year!)

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis!


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