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Saturday, February 25, 2012


This Lent has been very different for me already. It feels like a floodgate of ideas, reflections, and memories are pouring inside of me. Traditionally for me I have to fight off all the distractions to hear even the tiniest "whispers" of the Lord. Not so today! I feel like I could write, and write, and write about so many things. 

I'll share only one with you at this time. This one happened at work for me in a conversation with my assistant manager. We were discussing how the year is moving along and then I mentioned how I need to slow down a bit when I'm with customers. This isn't a fast food restaurant that you are trying to get them in, and get them out. We pride ourselves on service and taking care of all the little details. 

My assistant then said one word......."Breathe"! I thought about it a bit, a little puzzled, and I actually joked about breathing in the delivery room at child birth. It took just a little while longer that the Lord's message was starting to sink in, after all I'm only a man. During this time of Lent and every day, I need to slow down and breathe in the Spirit. I need to let this be a new way of life and not just a cute 40 day event. 

So the challenge is there, it's time to "Breathe!"

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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