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Saturday, February 4, 2012

No! I am not in seclusion!

It's almost been a a full week since I posted anything, and honestly it has been a very busy week indeed. I've been back home a little over a week and there was so much to do at work. I had another out of town training day scheduled for Wednesday and I couldn't attend because we had freezing rain. I traveled with my assistant for the second session on Thursday. Yesterday, was a wrap up day and we had a staff meeting to get everyone on board with all that is going on.

Last night I attended the Catechises event on Abortion, Suicide, and euthanasia. They did a nice job with guest speakers, and they ended the evening with a video on the youths who attended the March for Life! Overall it really was pretty good.

It's Saturday and it's time to print up the 4th unit notes and directions for the prophets class. With that done, I will be back at it with reading, taking notes, and  trying to post some reflections. The introduction to the class stated that the average time would be about 4 to 5 hours of class time per session. I think, actually I know that I'm doing more than this. I like logging in to check what everyone else has written down. The chat sessions are actually getting better and Thursday night's time really went by very quickly.

So, this is why I'm a little behind on my postings.

One thing that has stirred something inside of me came through the Word Among Us. There was a little challenge to write down each evening how God spoke to me that day. Sometimes it's been just a friendly smile, a hello from a friend, some encouraging words from my teammate on my bowling team, and it's also been from a very supportive friend and parishioner encouraging me in my studies. When it's a little hectic, and this week it has been, I need to slow down and turn the radar up a bit!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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