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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tonight's line up!

After a full days work, I also have an evening agenda quite full. Tonight Terry and I were together for supper and we discussed how this computer class is going. I actually love this format. We are required to provide a weekly posting of our reflections, and they are meant to be done in 2oo words or less. This course is on the prophets and in our fourth session we needed to pick 2 books from a dozen of the "minor" prophets. One of our deacon candidates did note that the term "minor"  was kind of strange. I agree, because there was nothing minor about the impact these readings gave to me. I wrote about the prophet Hosea, and this one was chosen because when Terry and I got married we had chosen the song...."Hosea...Come Back to Me". Hosea is a book that describes the down and out in relationships to the glory of salvation. It speaks to me of "Hesed" a Hebrew word for steadfast love.

The next selection was Malachi, and I chose this one for two very unimportant reasons. It was the last book, the name began with an M like mine, and it was rather short in chapters. Malachi epitomizes the adage, great things come in small packages. One Hebrew term was used that really hit me "haberet", which signifies an equal,a covenated partner. A great term that I would share for anyone married or about to be married.

Finally, the line up for tonight. Next on the agenda was the Knights of Columbus meeting. They did a great job to keep the meeting on schedule and lively.

I will now top off the evening by participating in the weekly chat session. In this we share our reflections on how we were affected by our studies. It is an hour long, and believe me the time actually goes by quite quickly.

This weekend Terry and I will be away for another formation weekend that will deal with Vatican II. It has been since December since we all gathered together and I really miss my family.

Blessings to you all! Please keep us all in your prayers!

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,


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