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Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's all about the people you meet!

We are all finally done the Prophets course. I have to say this course really exceeded my expectations. Yes, I know that is an over used cliche. In this case it is very true for me. I struggled with this new technology for distance learning. I know it can work and will work, but it's tough teaching an old dog new tricks.  Well, after opening jitters in this on line course I was off and running and really loving it. I guess through some really good guidance I got a glimpse into the lives of the prophets. By reading and trying to absorb this in, I was able to kind of feel for them and understand a little what was going on in their lives. I am both emotionally and Spiritually charged by this course.

When anyone looks back on their lives they can all relate to the wonderful people that they had met. It could be that elementary school teacher who changed your life, a friend that you met at an early age and they are still your best friend, a co worker, etc. These are all people that you have met face to face and they know you and they can sense what is going on in your life.  Their mere presence brings joy into your life. I have just met someone who did just that for me, and the funny thing is that I may never see her face to face at all. Our instructor Tracy has a presence to her that is so heart warming. She brought out the best in me and always encouraged me. I actually worked harder as the course was moving along. Unfortunately, some good things come to an end, but the Spirit that she ignited won't soon fade away. So this is to the people in your lives that you meet, if but only through today's modern means of communication.  The Spirit is definitely able to transcend through any human barriers.

Adieu mes Amis,


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