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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is it ever good enough?

Well another milestone was achieved very early this morning. At about 7:30 am I emailed my final paper for the Christology and Trinity class. This paper was to be a 7 to 10 page academic paper. I haven't done very many academic papers in the past 30 years, and so I really tried to put my best foot forward on this one. I did something for this course that I have shared with all of you that is a little foreign for me. I have never, and I repeat really never been one to read very many books. I have always done quite well in my school career but never really became one of those figures you would see near a lake or at the beach reading for pleasure. 

This class did something for me that no other class in my life has ever done. I wasn't satisfied with what I had to read for this course. I was so much into St. Thomas that I wanted to read more and the same goes for St. Athanasius.  I read "The Incarnation" and small parts of "The Summa Theologica" and I do mean small parts. Each one in it's own way provided the foundation I needed to dig deeper and get more out of this course. Most of you are well aware of the technical challenges that we faced in Plymouth, so I guess the Spirit moved me in a very different direction.

This morning after the paper went out I wanted to shout ALLELUIA! Unfortunately we had someone sleeping and it wouldn't have been fun for him. I shared with Fr. Kyle this morning that I finally finished my paper and I told him that I worked hard on it and really hoped it was good enough. I shared with him that I can be my worst critic. He told me he felt the same way when it came to delivering a homily. He just isn't so sure at times if it was really good enough.

Well he delivered a wonderful homily and I told him that it was good enough. He looked at me a little puzzled, and I guess the choice of words wasn't exactly the best. It was really good but I thought he would have gotten the connection with our earlier conversation. I then told him that it was so good, that it answered an issue for me that had been weighing on my mind for over a week. That response really got his attention. 

His message was quite simple and very beautiful. He spoke about how we all have a choice in our faith. We can be Christians who focus on the crucified Lord or we can focus on the Resurrected Lord that offers us Peace. They are both equally important in our Salvation yet the Resurrected Lord challenges us to go further in our lives. To share the Good News and be witnesses. He ended by saying the decision was up to us. 

Today I say that sometimes good enough can be really good, with the Grace of God!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,



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