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Monday, April 30, 2012

Reflection on Acts 10:40-43

Another formation weekend has come and gone, and way too fast for me. They are all great, but this one was very special. It seemed to be such a long time since we last gathered, even though it was the usual two months. This weekend's formation session was on marriage, the youngest and yet one of the oldest sacraments.

The weekend also brought about my first opportunity to practice a homily, by sharing a reflection on Sunday's morning prayer reading. I was the sixth person to get their first shot at this and this is how it went...

"Each and everyone of us have gone through a process 
to be selected, to be chosen,
and it is in our nature to want to be a part of a team,
part of something special, being part of a mission!
As children we can all remember the times where we stood up in line,
waiting to hear our name, waiting to be chosen.
It could have been for baseball, hockey, a play, almost anything, 
and when they called your name you felt very special.
As adults I would have to say that these emotions were even more intensified. 
We too long for the feeling of honor and acceptance. 
Who can forget Sally Fields when she won her first Oscar 
Most people just laughed at her, but it underlies the need and the desire
to be loved and to be a part of something special.
We can also see the Hall of Fame candidates who waited not very patiently by the phone for "THE CALL", and when they gave their acceptance speech,
they cried like little babies, with tears of joy. 
They too loved that feeling of being Chosen!
We as a candidate community can relate very well to waiting, 
again not so patiently for that letter to come in the mail.
Each and every day I checked the mailbox, and Terry kept telling me relax
it will show up any day  now!
Well we planned a weekend camping trip, and I made sure it was close to home!
Saturday morning I told Terry I forgot something and needed to go back home,
really what I wanted to do was to check the mailbox. 
I would have to wait another day!
I called my buddy who also went back home to pick up some items, and asked him
to check the mailbox, again nothing there!
I decided to enjoy the rest of the weekend, and soon it was time to head home.
We unpacked as we always do, and after we were all done, 
I checked the box and finally the letter was there!
I just stared at it and Terry said "Well aren't you going to open it?"
The answer was yes you have been selected, you are chosen!
Unlike the selections as a child or the other examples this selection isn't from something we've done, or an honorary award, 
this is a call for something yet to be done!
It is a call to be a member of a team with a mission!
Today's reading announces that the Apostles were the first witnesses 
of the Risen Christ.
Even though they were the first, they actually looked more like they were in the 
witness protection program.
They were literally, physically, spiritually all locked up away!
Then when the Risen Lord revealed himself to them,
they ate, they drank with Him, and they were never the same!
They were unleashed to the World and what a difference they made!
Pope Benedict in one of his reflections stated....
"Jesus reveals Himself to the one He can entrust on a mission!"
So as the Apostles were the first witnesses, the first to share in Christ's Mission,
We too are called to be his witnesses!
Soon we will gather at the Lord's Table and we as a community will
witness the Risen Lord in the Sacrifice of the Mass,
and as witnesses we too will share in Christ's mission of
Peace, Love, and the forgiveness of sins.
My Brothers and Sisters, We have been Chosen!"

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Bonsoir et Adieu mes Amis,



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