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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Opposite of fearful is Love!

Last night I was blessed to be involved in the Easter Vigil again. It was such a tremendous evening. The lights were all out and my job was to turn off the lights in the Sacristy and make my way to the ambo to announce what the Easter Vigil would be all about. To get there was a little tricky as when I turned off the lights in the Sacristy I needed my flashlight for a moment to find my way. It's such a spectacular event with only the fire, then the Easter Candle, and then all the individual candles in the Church. 

My final job was to turn on all the lights in the Church when the Easter Candle was near the Sanctuary. With my work all done for the evening I just took everything in. We have a new member to our Community and again it was very meaningful. Fr. Mark earlier that morning was giving me a crash course on Baptism 101 while practicing with our newest convert.

The highlight for me among the many of them, was Fr. Mark's homily. He had a simple message for all of us, again in his usual style. He shared a joke about how we must learn to see with our whole selves, not just with our eyes! He spoke about how the women were amazed, actually fearful when they realized that the rock to the tomb had been moved. He then when on to say that we need not be fearful in our lives despite all that we see around us or throughout the world. We need to see Love and to let the Love of Christ guide us through these troubled waters. 

It's Easter Sunday and my plans are to be with family today. I will take my Mom and Dad to Mass this morning and then we will gather at a family favorite restaurant where my son will be our waiter. Ironic isn't it that my son will actually be showing me what it is to serve at a table with people you Love!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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