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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Vigil of Joy and Hope!

Last night marked the beginning of our celebration here in Berlin. The initial count was estimated that 200 people would be attending. The count resembled more like 400 people attending. Fr. Kyle spoke about that typically, most vigils are a time of sorrow after a loss, and that this one is one of Joy and Hope anticipating something great that is about to occur. After the vigil I spoke to a few parishioners who were extremely moved by last nights event, and some are making plans to change their schedule to be at the Church today.There is so much life that is exuding from this vigil, and the Spirit is definitely within us all. I also met one of our classmates with his wife, Steve and Cheryl who made the trip to be with us.We are making plans to gather Thursday evening and have supper together.

This morning Mike M and I met for Morning Prayers and then helped set up the Church for some final touches. I popped into my store for a few minutes to touch base with my employees and when I was leaving my assistant said ............................................."Don't forget to pray for us!" and I said ........... "I always pray for all of you!"

Today my prayers will be with all of you who will be here physically and spiritually. I hope to show off some of the pictures that will eventually be posted.

 Bonne St. Anne priez pour nous!

     Good St. Anne pray for us!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,



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