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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are you still here?

It's Sunday morning and it's my turn to spend time at the hospital. It's a beautiful day outside and it would have been real easy to find an excuse not to go. Today, I didn't make any excuses and felt a strong need to go to be with those who are suffering. It's been almost a year now since Mike and I have been doing this ministry and today would prove to be a day I won't ever forget. Each and every time I go something happens and this day would turn out to be very special.

The first lady I visited was a lovely woman who was actually getting ready to go home. I asked if she was excited to go home, and she said ...... "not really!" I don't think anyone has ever said this to me before. She was in the hospital for a short stay, but before she entered the hospital she had to have her dog put to sleep. The emotions, and the pains of a loss, and going home to an empty house was frightening. I spent quite a bit of time with her trying to encourage her and reassure her that all would be well. She even talked about getting another pet, maybe a cat, or maybe another dog. She smiled, and thanked me for my time, and she felt a little guilty for keeping me around so long. I told her not to worry as I was sent to be with God's children.

From then on each and everyone I spent time with was quite special and revealing for me. This was going to be one of those days that reminds me of why I'm being called to this vocation. The ministry of presence was in full force and the Spirit that filled this time was incredible.

As I entered into the elevator to head back home I was just in a state of awe of how this day had unfolded. Upon exiting from the elevator the receptionist and the gift shop attended in stereo said "are you still here?" I looked at the clock and noticed that I had been in the hospital for almost two hours! It actually was the longest time that I had ever been there.

The adventure didn't end there! For almost another 45 minutes the three of us had a great conversation of faith and how we can be witnesses to God. When we read in Scripture about not worrying about what to say, I was reminded of this again. I found myself sharing my faith, acknowledging theirs, and then inviting them to celebrate with every one on July 26th at St. Anne's Church. By the way, one of the ladies wasn't even Catholic but she said that she probably would be there! Incredible!

I never thought that I would have ever invited anyone to come and be with us, and yet I shouldn't have been surprised.

After all .............."all things are possible through Him who strengthens me!"

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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