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Monday, October 15, 2012

Time to take out the gardening tools!

Pope John XXIII 

“We are not on earth to guard a museum, but to cultivate a flowering garden of life.”

This weekend we had our first formation weekend of year three. The highlight of the weekend was being together as a community. We had not been with each other since the right of Lector in June. It still amazes me how we have come so close to each other in such a short time. The smiles and the moments we have to share any "Good News" like being expectant grandparents is precious.

This weekend the focus was on sharing information on resources and thoughts about evangelizing, specifically through catechesis. It was a weekend packed to the gills, and we mixed in a time where we designed candles that spoke of our faith. We had to think of someone who was instrumental in our faith. Terry selected a CCD teacher and I chose my Mom. The symbols was a dove for Terry and the fleur de lis for me. My Mom is from Quebec and thus you have my reasoning.  We shared many thoughts on the Church and one of the highlights for me was this phrase that you see above.

It really caught my attention as it speaks volumes of the thought of tradition vs. traditionalism. The Church isn't something that is frozen in time that is so precious that it needs to be placed under glass like in a museum. The Church is alive, filled with the Spirit and ready to change as the Spirit moves us. 

I liken this to celebrating Christmas as a family. When I was young I celebrated with my family, my domestic Church. We held strong to the way we celebrated our Christmas traditions. When the day came that Terry and I became parents we decided to bring new traditions to our new family our new and expanded domestic Church. We held strong to the past but mixed in something new that our children deeply cherish. In the future I suspect that my daughter will do the same as we did. 

We also learned that the way to perfection is to change. This isn't a concept that most people are very excited to hear about. My life since this journey began would be like an evolution of change. I thought I knew what I needed to do, and certainly what I didn't want to do. I now know that the Lord has His own plans for my formation and that I'm still learning to trust in His Providence.

So I challenge you all today that even though winter will soon be upon us, you need to take out your gardening tools and get to work. You may love what the Lord gave you the grace to cultivate.

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,




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