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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Learning the ropes!

Yesterday, I was watching, learning, and assisting. It was a busy day in the parish with two funerals and a committal. I had already offered to be at two of those. We had a funeral at a funeral parlor. This was new for me and I knew the man who passed away. His surviving brother is a good friend of mine and we shared some good moments together and I offered my condolences and prayers to the family. It lasted about an hour. This was the first time I observed Fr. Marc. It was a short and simple ceremony that still offered our Lord's message of hope for us who are seeing a loved one depart. He mentioned it was like someone you've probably seen leaving on a cruise ship heading for some distant land. There is  excitement and confetti being thrown around and then there is melancholy as they are leaving us behind. Yet, the hope comes for those of us who realize that there is also someone anxiously waiting for them as they make their arrival. We all heard from a family member how good, caring, and humble this man was, and indeed he truly was. At the end Fr. Marc stood next to me and said...."You've seen Fr. Kyle, you've seen Deacon Jeff, you've now seen me, and now you learn to develop your own style!" This statement was quite powerful to me, and it is one I'm still digesting today. It made me think of how different we all are and yet Christ will use us to give His message of Peace, Hope, and Love. 

Next was a committal at the cemetery where Terry would be joining me. The young person was someone we know and it was very challenging. It was also and honor for me to assist and "be there" for the family. At times like these I keep remembering what Fr. Mark told me...."It's about holding their hands, it's about listening to them, it's all about being there for them!" I believe that this has become a strong part of my ministry. We stayed with the family and joined them at the restaurant to spend time with them. 

On a different note Terry and I spent the rest of the afternoon attending a local event and enjoying each others presence. She finally has a job where we can spend more time together and I'm loving it. We capped off the evening with a fire at my brother's house with his family.

That's it, just a normal day in the life of a Deacon Candidate. 

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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