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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meetings, Great News, and a time for renewal!

It has finally happened to me, I need something to keep me organized. For years off and on I've tried different ways to keep organized and like many good things, I've just let them go. My schedule between work, life, and this assignment has made it necessary for me to "find a way" to be on top of what is coming up. Well, I ordered an app for my Kindle Fire and I like it, except for the annoying reminders that came with it. 

I had two meetings on the agenda yesterday and they were both listed on the reminder calendar. #1 was a meeting with my pastor. I got home early and checked the emails and saw that he felt he was a little overbooked and asked to reschedule. I talked to him with my trusty little kindle by side and adjusted the date when we confirmed the appointment. Next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

Last night the three extreme northern boys (Deacon Candidates) met with our regional mentor for supper in Gorham. It was great meeting with the guys again, and meeting with our mentor. I actually remembered him from four years ago. This night was very good! It was a chance to share, to question, and to be reassured that there was someone close by who could impart some words of wisdom when needed. 

And now for the Great News! I have a very good friend who was working hard to get a new job. It has been a challenging time for him, yet through the grace of God he has persevered, and he texted me the awesome news. He will be starting his new job in a few weeks. Our prayer time together will undoubtedly change, yet the Spirit that was created between the two of us has only been enhanced by the time spent together and the Lord's presence in our midst. 

It will be a beautiful day in the North Country today and yes the leaves are starting to change!

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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