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Thursday, September 19, 2013

There is no fear of God!

Yesterday at work I experienced an epiphany. At one of our formation weekends our speaker mentioned that everyone should experience several epiphanies a week, and that if it wasn't happening, we really aren't paying close enough attention to the Lord. My assistant had just come into work and we shared a light moment together. I then asked him how he liked the new video game "Grand Theft Auto V". He said he liked it but he also confessed that there definitely will be issues. He mentioned that this game is really pushing the boundaries and not really appropriate for younger children even though they will be begging for it. The challenge will be there for parents to make some very strong decisions, like I did when Mortal Kombat came out. Today that video would be viewed as very mild in light of what is now out there. The desensitizing process is continuing.

He then said..."Mitch, I believe that there isn't a real fear of God anymore in this world! People's words don't mean very much, it's not about all of us , it's about what each of us can grab in this world!" These words really impressed me! He has grown up in the faith, yet hasn't practiced for years, yet that spark, that imprint that was made a Baptism is definitely burning inside of him! 

I told him I agree with him, except that there are still many who do fear and respect the Lord, and that what they tell you they really do mean. I also told him that all of us are guilty of desensitizing people. There is a phrase in this town that comes about around the third of the month when the government checks come in the mail, it's called "pajama day!" I shared with him how many people including myself at times had looked down upon some of these people. Viewing them as less than what they actually are, "God's Children!"

Four years ago I would have never dreamed that I would be sharing my faith so openly with my coworkers and almost everyone. I am also amazed at how others are open to this discussion and are really concerned. There is hope for this world, and through the grace of God He will use all of us as an instrument to bring the "Good News" to this broken world.

Have you witnessed your epiphany today?

Bonjour et Adieu mes Amis,


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