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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Of Gods and Men, and spending a wonderful night with Friends!

Last night turned out to be another very special evening in my life. During our last class in Plymouth I brought out the article in Columbia about the French movie of Gods and Men. Linda had mentioned that the movie was playing in Bethlehem at the Colonial Theatre. Sure enough it was and I definitely wanted to see this film. Linda sent out an email and Terry and I agreed that last night would fit our schedule.

We traveled to Bethlehem not just to see the film, but to spend time with Linda and Steve and get to know each other better. They offered a barbecue and that also really appealed to us. Bethlehem is about 48 minutes away, yeah I know only in the north country is that just a little drive.

The food was awesome and the time spent together was even better. We talked often in class that we needed to spend more time to get to know Jesus, and that is the same with everyone else. What better way to know someone over a burger and sausage with onions and peppers.

The theatre was less than five minutes from their house by car. Bethlehem is not a very large town. The film got off to a slow start, something that Terry mentioned to me afterward, but there were so many messages and thought provoking scenes. I am not one to give away what was in the film. My french background helped tremendously but really wasn't necessary. Terry caught me reciting the prayers in french, busted! I shared afterward that growing up in Berlin being bilingual was a way of life. Anyways, the film is well worth seeing and I'm sure almost anyone would get something out of this film.

It was ten in the evening and we had an offer of coffee or tea, but we were both ready to head home for the night. This was a very special week for me, two evenings spent with new friends, really new family members and it was good. I still find it amazing how close we are becoming to one another. I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this, as our lives are changing before us.

Earlier in the evening Steve asked me if I had done any special reading at all, and I answered no and he agreed. This off time is needed for all of us. This week I probably learned so much more spending time with people. I had two wonderful evenings with our new family, coffee time with a customer (friend), and just people you meet on the streets. Our lives are truly different and you know what? It is good! (Sorry couldn't help it)

The best to all our soon to be Candidates, their families, and all who pray for us!

Adieu mes Amis!


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